An Epiphany

Look, I am not trying to be too philosophical here, but well I had this sudden realisation that for the first time, ever, a friend saw right through me, and did the right thing at the right time. These winter holidays were intense. The past twenty days were literally like a transitional period. Emotional breakdowns, undying euphoria, sudden realisations, plain fun, unbreakable connections and laughable moments – it was more exciting than the fourth Harry Potter film. The holidays were filled with contrasting and enigmatic emotions and experiences. They started off at a breaking point, but recovered quite brilliantly, and ended on a mixed note – happy but empty. It was at this instant that I needed something, I didn’t know what nor did I realise that I needed something. But I got that something, from the last person I expected, in the form of this fascinating piece of writing. It was deep and somewhat metaphorical in the sense that only I could vividly relate to what the piece of writing was saying. This piece of writing not only aided me, but it also helped to clear the feelings of the author. It was complimentary. It gave both of us a feeling of satisfaction and joy, and for this little upliftment, I want to, once again, tell that friend – Thank you.

People around us affect us the most, they can destroy us and at the same time they sustain us. Only people can give us true, lasting joy – how? By showing us they care, by actually doing something for us. They give us a reason to live. All we think about is ourselves. If we can just put someone else before ourselves – for once, it is unbelievable the amount of joy it can bring us. By helping others, by caring for people we really care about, by making our loved ones happy, we get this sense of satisfaction that is, according to me, priceless. Everything in this world is complimentary. Newton’s 3rd Law is truly true – every action DOES have an opposite reaction.

I am afraid I have treaded into philosophical grounds, which a lot of people, quite frankly, find bullshit. But this is completely my opinion and perspective, which anyone is free to comment on.