Arsenal Are Back – With The Biggest Possible Bang!

7-0! Arsenal – the only team to win by 7 goals twice in the space of just 8 months! Yes, Arsenal 7, Boro 0! A sublime Henry hat-trick, a Pires beauty, finally one from Gilberto, a Senderos header (marking the conversion of his international form to domestic football) and a tap-in from Hleb – 7 goals, which could have easily even been 12! Arsenal played with flair, and showed us what football is all about. Their football was Brazilian-like flamboyant – passing that rhymed like poetry and finishing that was like gunshots to the head! They had 24 shots on goal, out of which 17 were on target, and this was against a team that beat Manchester United 4-1!

And, talking about the Red Devils, Manchester City got the better off them in the derby, which basically told the Devils to go back to hell, and boy, we Gunners were just enjoying.

And to top that, the signing of potentially-better-than-Viera player, Diaby and the tall, lanky, Drogbaish Adebayor has got us Gunners quite excited. Watch out Europe, Arsenal might just take you by storm!

All in all it has been a great few days for us – the Arsenal fans, and let’s just hope it gets better.

P.S – Bharath, the ‘bang’ in my title doesn’t mean what you think it does!