Fortunately Fortunate

After landing in India at 4:00 am, we didn’t expect anyone to pick us up from the airport, and no one did show up. So we took a taxi – a 1979 Fiat, which, with great effort, could only hit the 40km/hr mark. We were talking to the taxi driver – an oldish man, say about 60 years old, very naive looking, humble and innocent. To earn a fee of Rs. 250, he had waited in the taxi line for a whole of 18 hours! Yes let it sink, 18 hours, and believe it or not, it was one of his busy days. An off-season day would take him about 30 hours to get a passenger. Yes for the whole of 30 hours, he sat, slept, ate, drank tea and dreamt of better fortune in his jalopy. He still manages to sustain his life, probably other members of his family also contribute to the total house earning, but it is definitely a struggle. This is not the case of this man only; there are probably hundreds like him.

Yes fortune is not totally responsible for his state, but hell, it is a major reason for his condition. We on the other hand are fortunately fortunate. Let’s thank God for that, that is, obviously, if He truly exists. It made me think, made me feel blessed, made me feel lucky, made me respect everything I have, made me thank my parents and everyone around me, it made me feel very fortunate, because I could have been that taxi driver.