Henry’s STAYING!

For the Arsenal faithful, day before yesterday’s news was as sweet as it gets – Henry’s staying an Arsenal man. He said in his press conference that he likes Arsenal, and wants to stay, and most importantly, he has not spoken to any other club about his future.
What Wenger had to say about this? – Well it was all sweet. This article will throw more light on it.

What I want to talk about is the character that Henry is. He has this certain charisma, this very principled way of looking at life and his career. On the pitch, he is this flamboyant trickster, this wistful magician, this deadly finisher, who doesn’t want to just score ‘goals’, but rather score beautiful goals. He shows us what football is all about, and why it is loved by the world. His agile movements, his masterful fakes and his breathtaking pace makes him the most admirable footballer – atleast to me. His cheeky smile, his confidence, his strength – defines him as the one of the finest footballers ever.

Off the pitch, he is as dominating as he is on it. The whole ‘Stand Up, Speak Up’ campaign earned him the cover page in TIME. Racism is evil, disgusting and one of the largest holes in our society. See people for who they are, not for their colour or race. What really matters is accepting who you are, and what you are inside. Loyalty and faith says a lot about a person, and coming back to Henry, that’s what he has always shown – to Arsenal.
Eventhough we don’t know how Theirry actually is as a person, we can say that he is passionate about what he does. He loves football, and he loves Arsenal – I hope that is truly true. If you watch him play, notice how unselfish he is on the pitch, in the 2003-04 season he had the second highest number of assists, in addition to the highest number of goals.

All this says a lot about a person, it says a lot about Henry. He has influenced me, and for that and everything else, I respect and honour him.

Note: The above picture, is one that I, myself have edited. It was orginally of one person I cannot stand – Van Nistelrooy, at Old Trafford. I removed him, and super-imposed Henry onto it – Cool! huh? It also has some deeper meaning. 🙂