My First Post – My Inspiration To Blogging

Well I have tried blogging earlier, and I have tried convincing my friends to do it too. But it didn’t work, so this is my second effort, and it’s going to be a solo one.

My inspiration – my sister!(her blog) She started blogging a while back and her fascination has fascinated me, to an extent that I felt quite worthless to not have my own blog. Blogging has helped her learn about and possibly meet new people, it has aided to her growth of general knowledge – not that she didn’t have any earlier.
Honestly, my sister has been my inspiration for many things. I have learnt a lot, A LOT from her and respect her deeply for that. A great person, a loving sister, a passionate worker, an honest soul, an avid listner and whether she likes it or not, an ardent advisor ;). Didi, I dedicate this post to you. Thank you.

My interests (however cliched this sound) include football (majorly), music (to a certain extent), people (weird?) and well I can’t think of anything else so I will also add Arsenal. So expect to find stuff related to that.