One Hell Of A Small World!

The coolest thing happened today. It all started with an excited and frantic phone call from Ali, who was waiting to tell someone about this. Tejas was busy, and Romit was being stubborn – he just refused to believe it. But this actually happened.

It all started back when…
Tejas Menon, a very good friend of mine, got entangled in the world of blogging, and quite unknowingly started his own Vlog (a video blog – yeah that phrase does exist) on youtube. I followed, and then it was Romit’s turn. What we do, when we are really really bored, is make videos. The Backstreet Boys were our inspiration. We just had to deride their gayness, and that lead to the rise of ‘The Frontroad Mans’. (wait, read on, you will find out more) We made a video imitating the Backstreet Boys – with all the ‘Yeah’s and the ‘I Want It That Way’s. We then dwelled into other spheres of videography and also tried to make a scary video (it wasn’t successful so we called it ‘Not So Scary’), some ‘Matrix Shit’, a news report, a puppet show, a music video (literally) and lots more. So what we did was that we put it up on the World Wide Web for the public to see. And we were waiting for some kind of a reaction. We got views but no comments. We brave souls didn’t give in and kept uploading videos, still waiting anxiously for some reaction. That’s when Ali’s phone call comes into context.

Ali told me to go check out this link, and it left me flabbergasted. We were the topic of discussion for the past two days among some people we don’t know because they came across our video on the internet. How cool is that? He had his roots in Dubai and therefore watched our video, more precisely our first production – ‘The Frontroad Mans – Incomplete’. Joseph Akkawi (he) put it up on his blog and there are two pages, yes two pages of comments on it. Unbelievable! And as Ali put it, ‘We are famous!’ I bet you are eager to see our videos now and the comments page too, so if you are as jobless as we are, do the following, you will enjoy it!

1. Visit this link – (This has all our uploaded videos – see as many as you want and do leave your comments. But definitely see Frontroad Mans – Incomplete)

2. The Visit the link below and watch how a bunch of people marveled about the video ‘Frontroad Mans – Incomplete.

3. If you are really really jobless, also visit this link. My short-story, which I had written when I was in Grade 9, and which got published in a very amateur magazine – Young Times, caught the attention of some person. He liked it and put it up on his blog. I find that too cool. It is an okay story, but again the brilliance of the World Wide Web is what I want to highlight.

The internet has certainly made the world smaller and has connected us, the people, all over the world. The connecting power of this medium is unbelievable and God bless the person who came up with this, that is if He, as in God exists.

P.S. Shrivats please comment on this. You can start off by telling me who this person is, as in the person who discovered the internet. I know I can just ‘google’ (I just love that word) it, but I am feeling very lazy, and it is a good excuse to get you to comment!