Arsenal Devastation

I consider myself to be a relatively passionate Arsenal fan. And if you follow football (“soccer”), you would know how Arsenal literally threw away two points this weekend. A 95th minute equalizer from Darren Bent irritated the hell out of me and other Arsenal fans, especially when there were only 4 minutes of added time. Besides that, we had an arguably unfair sending off and a horrendous penalty miss. So it was all our fault, but was so so frustrating.

My weekend was similar. It was largely unconstructive and involved some horrendous decisions and miserably fortune. It was long but it felt like it was way too short. And how much ever “fun” is important in college life, it’s pathetic when the aftermath is miserable. It was all my fault of course, but it was unfortunate, just like Arsenal’s Saturday. Harry, a good friend and a big Arsenal fan, keeps comparing his life to the fate of Arsenal and I always ridicule him for it. So this is, in a way, hypocritical. But what Arsenal and I both need to do is realize that it’s important to finish things off rather than rely on some magical fortune to guide us on the right path.

P.S. This resonates with the “change” post and proves how hard it is to actually change. Also, the weekend destroyed my goal of “blogging everyday.”