The Halloween Stare

So I am going to be a hundred-dollar-bill this Halloween. Yes, that is probably more American than any American will be, which is ironic. I am not American but am still imbibing the ultimate American education. Yes, it feels good to be an “exotic” (arguably) international student, but that sense of home that my country gives me, can never be matched. It is especially depressing whilst I am recruiting (for an internship/job). The “recovering” economy here in America prefers the local population, which is annoying, but fair. Why would a company spend time and money on an international student, when they can get somebody as good who is not going to increase paperwork? It is rational and completely logical but personally frustrating. Forget internships, it is hard even getting interviews. Even firms that preach “equal employment” are not considering international students – apparently we are the exception.

Yes, I am bitter and complaining. I am also downgrading myself a little by framing myself as easily replaceable but the dieing truth is that no one is indispensible. Modesty does not always reap benefits though so I am going to just say it – it sucks that the fate of an individual depends more on the interview than his/her actual capacity to work. It sucks, but it’s again the only rational way of going about doing it. So, I need to turn my focus more towards improving my interviewing skills and how to fluff my resume. Ironic, to say the least but reasonable, none the less. Sure. I have a phone interview tomorrow. Let’s see how that goes.

P.S. The reason for this mournful post is that I recently got rejected after a topsy-turvy interview. Phase 1 was bad, phase 2 was awesome. Bad beat awesome, unfortunately. I am bitter, and sad, and venting. Apologies. But, I feel that lifes staring at me like that friggin’ pumpin pictured above.