India Bindaas – Blogging the NRI Mind

500 People + 3 Days + 2 Families + 4 Dress Changes + 18 Dances + Lots of Money + A Phantasmagorical Quantity of Food = Our Cousin’s Medium-Sized Desi Destination Wedding. India Bindaas was conceived somehow after this sweaty, tiring yet immensely memorable experience. While recovering back home in Dubai, through a somewhat-clichéd epiphany, we (my sister and I) realized that we had something to say that was a step aside from the perceived conventions of modern Indian thinking. Also, both of our blogs were not functioning anyway. So, we decided to invest our creative energy on a new patriotic escapade. Now, we are a couple of non-resident, cynical-yet-proud Indians ranting and raving, recollecting, reproving and rationalizing everything that remotely resonates with our rat-infested yet ravishing India. We hope you can relate, at least a little. Check our new blog out at

P.S. Yes, we succumbed to the super Desi .in top-level domain.