New York City is where I live, finally. Corporate semi-soul-selling allowed me to move here, and that made it all worth it. I’m racing around just like the other rats, rampaging to reach a resolution that I rarely understand. I feel like having an opinion and taking a stand are really important, but it’s petrifying because it’s only socially safe when your opinion is generally accepted. I sometimes wish I could embrace obliviousness a little more.

I was born in India and even though I lived there only for the first nine years of my life of which I remember barely anything, it’s the only place I technically belong to. I grew up in Dubai, and that should be home, but world immigration laws are pretty unfavorable and nationalist. I studied to enter the professional world in Texas where I met amazing people, with who I had amazing experiences. I stuck around in Texas for a couple more years in soulless San Antonio to embrace work-life. Work was great, the people were great, but the city, not so much. And then, enter New York.

I know I should be writing more, but I don’t. I know I should be reading more, but I don’t. I am globally confused, easily amused and thoroughly ambitious. My biggest heart breaker is the Arsenal Football Club and I grew up on Matchbox Twenty. My mother’s cooking is the only way I can ever embrace a vegetarian diet. I am blessed with an amazing family and my friends define me.

This e-realm is more for me than anyone else. It’s interesting how my thoughts slightly change when I publicly express them, even though no one is really listening.